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So… You want to paint your Old House… Where do I start?

Colour makes the world a more beautiful place. Colour can indicate whether a person is conservative, adventurous, and communicate the feeling we want our house to convey – austere, whimsical or classical.

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So… You own an Old House… Now what?

Many owners of Old Houses (prior to 1970) find it hard to source reliable information on how these older houses function properly. This workshop is designed to educate the home owner on general repair and maintenance.

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Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Day

The Education Fair and Open Day takes place on Saturday 4 May 2019, and will epitomize everything that Edifice stands for. Focus will be on the Edifice approach, and our unique emphasis on independent learning, crafts, art and education, building crafts demonstrations and meeting with Edifice Atelier educators. The Edifice Atelier is for members and non-members alike – and it’s absolutely free to register!


WE WANT YOU… to teach at the Edifice Atelier

Are you interested in teaching a course at the Edifice Atelier? Let us know about your art, craft or specialized skill. We are looking for part time instructors for the 2019/2020 educational calendar years at our main Oxford Campus, Western Ontario Campus, Eastern Ontario campus and Nova Scotia campus!

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Learn to repair and restore your brick and stone!

Repointing is the process of removing deteriorating mortar from the joints of a masonry wall (brick or stone) and replacing it with new mortar.

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Attic Insulation

I will focus my attention in this article on attic insulation, which in most cases, with respect to an old house, it too, is usually installed incorrectly, and the savings you think you are getting will be the opposite when heat is drawn out of your house with a resulting moisture problem.

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Edifice Magazine

Since 2002 Edifice Magazine has been the restoration magazine of Canada. The Edifice Guild & Atelier's website will continue its commitment to bring to our readers the types of articles and essays we have published for over 15 years.