Oxford Campus

Canada’s premier atelier program in traditional skills established in 2002, to provide a robust response to the challenges presented by the absence of knowledge and skills in Canada. We are actively involved in developing and delivering a broad based demand-led education and training program, to equip individuals and organizations, locally and throughout North America, with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the current and future conservation, repair and maintenance requirements of our traditional buildings.

The Edifice Atelier’s other core belief is that aspiring architects and designers are not being taught the fundamentals of hand drafting, rendering, painting, sculpting, and understanding geometry and proportion and the art of classical and traditional architecture. A third of our programs and short courses are dedicated to these lost arts. We are hoping to inspire a 21st century renaissance of traditional architecture.

Located at the Edifice Atelier facility in Oxford County, Ontario (15 minutes west of Cambridge), we operate out of our own fully-equipped, classroom/training facility, in an early 19th century wonderfully preserved Neo-Classical homestead providing an ideal environment for training in traditional skills. Living laboratory campuses are planned for 2018/19 in Nova Scotia and Huron, Ontario.

The Oxford Campus:

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