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Edifice Education Fair

Saturday, May 4th 2019 10am-4pm

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Edifice Atelier Education Fair and Open Day, an exclusive event taking place at the Edifice Atelier’s Oxford Campus.

Whether you are interested in continuing education, learning new skills or participating in a fun learning environment, there is something for everyone including classes for children. Courses will be posted very soon.

The Education Fair and Open Day takes place on Saturday 4 May 2019, and will epitomize everything that Edifice stands for. Focus will be on the Edifice approach, and our unique emphasis on independent learning, crafts, art and education, building crafts demonstrations and meeting with Edifice Atelier educators. The Edifice Atelier is for members and non-members alike – and it’s absolutely free to register!

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WE WANT YOU… to teach at the Edifice Atelier

Are you interested in teaching a course at the Edifice Atelier? Let us know about your art, craft or specialized skill. We are looking for part time instructors for the 2019/2020 educational calendar years at our main Oxford Campus, Western Ontario Campus, Eastern Ontario campus and Nova Scotia campus!

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“We are delighted to announce… The Edifice Atelier Living Laboratory of Itinerant Educators for 2019.”

About the program:

Truth is the fundamental principle of architecture. Of the many architectural styles which have, at one time or another, achieved popularity, those memorable few which most creditably bear the test of time are precisely the ones which we must provide a sense of stewardship and a need to preserve for the future. However, most building contractors working on pre-1940s buildings in Canada do not possess the necessary knowledge, skills and experience for the task. Sadly, this all too often leads to inappropriate work being carried out in unsympathetic materials, much to the detriment of those structures.

We have been approached regularly by heritage groups to help train their workers or volunteers on the correct practices to implement sympathetic repair and restoration of their built heritage sites. With this in mind, we have created, and are delighted to announce… The Edifice Atelier Living Laboratory of Itinerant Educators for 2019.

We are actively in search of ten potential sites in Ontario and one site in Nova Scotia for this pilot program….

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1 thought on “Edifice Guild & Atelier”

  1. We own a ca1910 home in Alabama that needs more restoration. Looking forward to reading your posts and getting tips. Thank you!


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